Message from the CEO

Mirsad Midzic

"Helping to improve the life and health conditions has been my passion since early childhood. But how to find the proper solutions quickly, efficiently and with high sustainability is an ongoing task for the world and for eMeM Solutions. The experience gained in over 30 countries and since 1995 have certainly helped us to create financial, healthy and long-lasting happiness for our clients, partners, our team and our families.

The so called "DNA" of eMeM Solutions is based on the Asian first-friendship-then-business principle. In order to understand, to identify and to satisfy the core needs of the partner we listen and approach each task, project or partnership with utmost attention, open mindedness and passion for the work.

A successful scientist once said to me 'if you do the right thing with passion, and if at the same time you contribute to a better world, then this will automatically result into good health, social safety, good revenue and happiness '.

At eMeM Solutions we are committed to follow this principle in order to achieve the best for you every day."

Mirsad Midzic




  • Army Hospital Germany in Leipzig

  • Heart & Diabetes Center NRW, Bad Oeynhausen

  • Regional Hospital Senftenberg

  • Regional Hospital Olbernhau

  • Univ. Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf Med. Planning




  • Sevgi Ozel Hastanesi, Istanbul




  • Haikou International Joint Venture Hospital

  • Beijing International Hospital

  • Central Disease Control Program 210 CDCs

  • Longyan People’s Hospital

  • Shijiazhuang W&C Hospital

  • Lincang People’s Hospital

  • Chuzhou No.1 Hospital

  • CITIC Zhengye Dazhou Hospital development

  • Shijiazhuang No.3 Hospital

  • Fuchuan Yao Autonomous Hospital

  • Hefei First People's Hospital, Binhu-Hefei

  • Hohot Affil. People’s Hospital Inner Mongolia

  • Henan Prov. 532 CDCs & Clinics in various towns

  • Luoyang Central Hospital

  • Shanxi LvLiang City Xing County Peoples Hospital

  • Mengzi Country Hospital

  • Panzhihua University

  • Shiping County Hospital

  • Sichuan Province 10 CDCs in various towns

  • Tongchuan City People’s Hospital

  • Xinjiang Region 27 CDCs, 1 hospital, 1 blood bank and 1 Health Bureau

  • Yangzhou Southern Union Hospital

  • 8 Hospitals in Provinces of Anhui and Hebei

  • 12 Hospitals in Provinces of Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang

  • 192 Blood bank centers and hospitals in Provinces of Anhui and Hubei

  • Wu’An Hospital

  • Wuxi Hospital




  • Vientiane Friendship Hospital




  • University Hospital Puncak Alam, UITM                       

  • Institute of Medical Research, IMR in Shah Alam

  • University of Pagoh (Polytechnical)

  • National Cancer Institute NCI, Putrajaya




  • International Medical Center, MCS, Ulan Bator

  • ADB, Ulan Bator Hospital




  • Binh Phuoc Hospital

  • Saint Maria Hospital Development



The Philippines1

  • Manila Doctors Hospital, Metrobank




  • Dr Kariadi Hospital, Semarang

  • Nusa Tenggara Timur Multi Hospital Program

  • Bandar Aceh Tsunami Relief program

  • Bandar Aceh W&C hospital

  • Presidential Hospital Jakarta

  • Siloam Hospital Banjarmasin

  • Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar 

Sri Lanka2

  • Four provinces new Hospital Turnkey project




  • Shepparton Clinic development

  • Illawarra Health Precinct Development

1,2 projects lead by eMeM CEO for VE and HI

SMAS/ Shuntai examination gloves

  • Europe

Hartalega examination gloves

  • development

Crystal gloves

  • Factory start up

OEM manufacturing Malaysia

  • The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland

Medical masks FFP2 and surgical masks China

  • Flawless medical Germany


  • Cardiac/Neuro/Gynecology


Asia Bridge Holdings Korea


Top Biotech Malaysia


  • COVID19 Rapid Antigen Test

  • COVID19 Rapid Antibody Test

  • COVID19 PCR test

  • mobile lab test Bus


Al Radzi Malaysia