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Updated: Jan 21

Since the pandemic started governments, organizations, companies, wholesalers and clinic chains around the world have been more reacting than being proactive.

Everybody realized that masks are needed and then the procurement history started. Shortly after that the same happened for nitrile gloves, everybody found that many gloves are needed, which are essential for stopping the virus spread, for hygiene and which will be more and more needed in the future. And the procurement hype goes on. Non medical industries are asking for nitrile gloves, some because of increased awareness about hygiene and some because of new rules and regulations. Hotels, Supermarket chains and office cleaning companies are starting or increasing to demand nitrile gloves, to name a few.

Malaysia produces most of the Nitrile Gloves worldwide. Thailand has ramped up but at the end of the day they still depend on Malaysian know how, supply chains and distribution channels. Some countries or buyers are powerful, full of cash and achieve to secure orders on time. Some are not that lucky and need to queue for such products. The largest nitrile glove manufacturers have full order books and at the same time they are struggling with COVID infections among their workers or the ban and accusation of the US government and human rights organizations with regard to the conditions the workers are facing at factories owned by these big manufacturers.

So how to get more gloves? Will only the privileged countries or the established distributors be able to get gloves and will people start fighting physically for them ?

The answer is no, if those mentioned above start thinking and acting proactively and with a long-term strategy.

Thanks to human creativity and entrepreneurship the problem has been turned into a solution for all those desperately in need of gloves; not for a one time supply and also not for a gambling-like waiting time with the wish for getting a production lot awarded, which somehow depends on the "mercy" of the known big manufacturers.

The solution is that some new independent glove factories are emerging and creating new urgently needed supply such as for example "Crystal Glove". There are either completely new factories built as greenfield projects or the conversion of existing factory buildings and the installation of the respective production lines for a nitrile glove production leads to the desired result.

A number of investors or entrepreneurs have taken the necessary steps and some of them will be able to supply new nitrile gloves for new clients.

But as not every running shoe is the same and quality and durability differ from brand to brand, the same phenomena can be observed with glove factories.

How to choose then?

First, one should pay attention to the direct access to the factory, its management and its sales representative instead of dealing with middle men , dubious brokers and 3rd time retailers.

In other words, the biggest benefit of such new factories for a buyer is that the buyer can talk and discuss directly all matters with the factory, the brand and the management, which includes also free access to inspect the factory accordingly.

Then, second, it is important to check the product and its specifications including the "stretch" test or review of certificates and production processes very carefully.

Third, a new factory that is setup by teams and managements that are new to healthcare and related products, will definitely have quite a number of teething problems. A factory management team including workers team, that has more than a decade of experience in setting up and running glove factories would ensure a much higher confidence from the buyer or investor.

A Sales and Marketing team that has profound knowledge and a strong network with sub suppliers, authorities and other regulating bodies is a big bonus for such a new manufacturer; i.e. if he is able to install such team of experts, then this assures more or less a worry-free glove business experience for a (mostly) non-Malaysian buyer or investor.

Fourth, do the factory and its representatives understand international business and are they compatible to business ethics, compliance, efficiency and quality management according to so called western standards ?

Has the factory management and its team been trained internationally or do even core employees have an international background ? This aspect differentiates the good from the bad apples and it is crucial to establish trust and a long-term success story for both, the new Malaysia based nitrile glove factory and the international partner, either a direct buyer or an investor.

eMeM Solutions has a good overview about existing and planned factories and their capabilities or compatibility potential with international partners. eMeM Solutions is ready to advise interested parties accordingly.

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