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Nitrile Gloves: a better and far more reliable way of procurement

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

World's biggest producers such as TopGlove, Hartalega and Kossan do have existing clients all over the world. With the huge demand due to the COVID Pandemic many new interested buyers approached such manufacturers of gloves hoping to get a deal and to order huge amounts. This has created a shadow industry of hundreds of fake companies, distributors, brokers and sales people who not only claimed to be able to supply gloves of various kinds but also faked certificates, purchase order documents etc.

This unfortunate phenomena even involved law firms and other partners prior to that regarded as being reliable and trustworthy.

The trend and the experience with the large suppliers has shown that many international clients would be better advised to explore more about the production of their own gloves. Often those factories are called OEM factories, however they can have a multi-functional role apart from OEM only

A few courageous entrepreneurs have discovered this potential considering that the demand for gloves will continue to rise strongly even the pandemics can be stopped.

More and more our living conditions and procedures in healthcare facilities, factories or public facilities require better hygienic conditions for which medical or so called examination gloves are essential.

So why not taking a look at who can produce for you exclusively, thus eliminating dubious middle men, brokers and the waiting list when inquiring gloves from big brands?

Maybe a factory will be available which produces finest gloves and packs them into gloves 100% according to the layout the buyer provides.

Price wise those "own" factories will be very competitive and allow a good margin for any wholesaler or investor from abroad. Acquiring a stake in such factory is also an option and could be a win win situation for a buyer.

It is highly advisable to enter this field of glove sourcing, even if the output in the first months is low and needs to build up in order to reach its maximum capacity. Better to start now as every day, every month, every year will only move the revenues further away into the future.

eMeM Solutions is the first European-Asian specialist company that is able to evaluate the availability of OEM factories, their readiness and their suitability. eMeM Solutions also arranges the business deal with all its components where required.

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