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As a hidden champion in the Pharma sector Bosnalijek has reached out to serve the Asian market,  not only with its blockbuster pharmaceutical products but also with a wide range of medicine in various medical fields.

Lysobact is only one of Bosnalijek's topseller that has a phenomenal efficiency in treating sore throat, herpes, infections and even as a prevention spray against the COVID virus.

ENKORTEN is THE latest sensation, as it proved to improve the health of middle to severe ill COVID 19 patients. Various patients that were already ventilated could recover due to the use of ENKORTEN.

eMeM Solutions represents Bosnalijek's development in Asia and welcomes the identification of new distributors and partners in each country. Pharmaceuticals are produced for:

•Mass therapeutic

•Digestive, metabolic


•Systemic infections






•Dietary supplements

•Medical devices


•Special purpose cosmetics

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