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eMeM Solutions is the world's first company that provides a comprehensive, holistic and unique solution for the most precious things in our time:

Income & Health

We specialize in consulting, sourcing, manufacturing & supply and managing  of health related goods, services and projects.

For the first time clients around the world are provided a unique one-stop "shop" that combines German quality, Swiss precision, South-European creativity, Chinese hard work and speed as well as Southeast-Asian open mindedness.

"Uniting the interests of business partners

in Asia, Europe, America and Australia"



World's Leading Lab Tests Distribution

We are exclusive partner for DIAGENICS (Asia), Germany, and GCMS (Malaysia), Korea.

Both firms are the leading manufacturers for patented top notch lab tests in Cardiology, Neurology, Gynecology, Virology and COVID related pandemic disease tests.

DIAGENICS has a patented (unique in the world) and groundbreaking new diagnosis & test kit to detect or confirm cardiac arrest (heart attack) and stroke much earlier than so far possible with conventional ways. eMeM Solutions is the sole agent for DIAGENICS in core Asian markets. eMeM Solutions identifies Distributors for the different countries and regions across Asia.

GCMS is Korea's prime company when it comes to COVID test kits, lab tests and mobile labs as a Bus-version. eMeM Solutions is the sole agent for GCMS in various countries.



Nice Nurse

Medical Talent Scouting

Germany and German speaking countries as well as its neighbors are experienceing a historic shortage of medical personnell.

With the best social system in Europe and probably in the world Germany offers not only high income possibilties for doctors, nurses and other medical related staff but also equal opportunity to develop further or specialize in the respective medical field.

Asian professionals only started to discover the vast opportunities that Germany and German speaking countries for their career, their development and their life standard improvement.

We are ideally connected to the largest healthcare groups, state offices for public employment, embassies in Germany and German speaking countries. This enables us to tailor your bright future and your life success.



High-class Advisory, Training & Preparation for Firms or Expats

You are a corporate, a SME or a start up and you are looking at the possibility to expand your business to Asia.

Literature and courses in Europe are a good help to train the staff that you want to send abroad, and there are plenty of do's and don'ts for each country, that one can find on social media.

But what are real life situations that happened and what was the result ?

What could have done better and what will be done better in the future ?

One cannot learn all this from a book or the participation at theoretical seminars.


Mr. Midzic trains and prepares candidates or firms in form of a one on one training with practical experiences and with the unique benefit that he establishes a individually tailored local network for the candidate or the firm as a service included in the training/preparation program.

COVID Vaccine

As the representative of Swiss firm Swiss Rockets AG and its Vaccine development arm "Rocketvax" we are proud to present the 2nd generation COVID Vaccine.

The Rocketvax vaccine is the world's first digital platform generated synthetic COVID virus imitation that enables doctors and scientists to target the current COVID19 virus AND all its mutations.


The Rocketvax vaccine is expected to be market ready in late 2021.

eMeM Solutions is analysing several markets including public and private institutions in Asia to start respective trials and to ultimately offer right of first refusal after the readiness for the market.

Pharmacist at Work


bosnalijek logo.png

Healthy Food

Halal certified

Fit & Healthy

The Switzerland of the Balkan's, Bosnia & Hercegovina, is a little known gem or pearl in the field of healthy food production providing the whole range of good superfoods including organic vegetables, grains, meat and dairy products. There are extraordinary producers such as AS Holding who is blessed to be at the source of the probably best water in the world (Oaza). Oaza was awarded several gold medals all around the world, from Canada to Japan.

eMeM Solutions is AS Holding's first partner in Asia and started the exploration of this vast new market in 2020.


What Clients And Partners Say



Romeo Lledo

Chairman (ret. )

Siloam Hospital Group Indonesia

“Been working with Mirsad for over 4 years . He is there to find solutions and opportunities.”


Christian Uhrmacher

Siemens Healthineers, Germany

“Between 2012 and 2018, Mirsad Midzic and I worked together on numerous healthcare projects in the PRC. I became to know Mirsad as a very knowledgeable individual with regards to the internationally funded Healthcare market. He is excellent at building networks and maintaining relationships.”

chris murphy.jpg

Chris Murphy

President & Owner of Alphatex, London

“Mirsad is a great energizer and brings vigor and passion to any organisation.  A great business visionary who identifies opportunities and strives until the end to achieve the result.“

Eckhard Marshing.jpg

Eckhard Marshing


South Africa

“I enjoy Mirsad's clear thinking, no-nonsense  approach to business. A straight talking, principled individual.”

Dr. Jay Varma.png


Dr. Jay K. Varma, MD world renowned physician & infectious disease expert

"Mirsad is a leading expert in building healthcare systems with the highest quality design and instruments. Having worked in so many different countries around the world, he understands what makes the leading healthcare systems perform at their best and knows how to ensure your system has the infrastructure it needs. As the COVID-19 pandemic has taught all of us, we need a strong healthcare system to have a safe society.”



Jeroen Thijs

Group Chief Risk Officer AmBank

“eMeM Solutions Sdn Bhd is a winner company. The leadership has the right answer to the challenges of tomorrow. They will truly bring solutions…”

simon paulin.jpg

Simon Paulin

Boston Consulting Company (BCG)


“Mirsad is a fantastic and truly global leader whose track record of creating impact is second to none. He is action oriented, always sees the bigger picture and brings an incredible drive and work ethic to his clients.”

amel kovacevic.jpg

Amel Kovacevic

former Bosnian Ambassador to China

“I had the opportunity to cooperate with Mr. Mirsad Midzic on a few projects related to the promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the People's Republic of China during my ambassadorial in Beijing. Mr Midzic is a well established and highly skilled top executive professional with deep understanding of the Asia Pacific region. The organisation that has him on board will be equipped with a German-cultured global citizen with high professional ethics and reputation in the society.”

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